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Featured Review: 2 WEEKS 2 UTOPIA

by STAFF 2 Weeks 2 Utopia – Let’s Mend the World in 14 Days! by Felicia Fairhope. This book is a blend of stark climate facts and practical sustainable living advice that breaks the spell of climate anxiety. Fairhope argues that we can, in fact, mend our world in fourteen…

Featured Review: BAMBOO

by STAFF “BAMBOO: A Post-Apocalyptic Odyssey” – a novel by Clark Hilton. A genre-melding, mind-bending journey through a brutal near future spiked with the anguished hope of new love. Inscrutable in its origin, the novel left me asking these questions: Did I just read a history that had yet to occur? …

Review Roundup

  • Reader Review: "A Talent for Murder"
    by Cloggie Downunder on July 9, 2024

    by Cloggie Downunder (Wollongong NSW): A Talent For Murder is the third book in the Henry Kimball/Lily Kintner series by award-winning American author, Peter Swanson. When Martha Ratliff begins to suspect that Alan Peralta, her husband of barely a year, might be a serial killer, her options seem equally unsatisfactory: whether she confronts him or […]

  • Reader Review: "North Woods"
    by Cathryn Conroy on July 7, 2024

    by Cathryn Conroy (Gaithersburg, Maryland): Extraordinary. Brilliant. Masterful. Exceptional. Yes, I adored this book. It has to be THE most imaginative novel I have ever read. The genius of the book is in the structure. Beginning in the 1600s in Puritan New England and extending for almost four centuries, the novel's stories are focused on the […]

  • Reader Review: "Becoming Madam Secretary"
    by Carolea on July 7, 2024

    by Carolea (Milwaukee WI): If you are currently receiving any kind of government benefit, such as Social Security or Medicare, then the novel "Becoming Madam Secretary" by Stephanie Dray is an absolute must-read. This captivating work of historical fiction provides a fascinating glimpse into the life of Frances Perkins, who made history as the […]