Featured Review: BAMBOO


“BAMBOO: A Post-Apocalyptic Odyssey” – a novel by Clark Hilton. A genre-melding, mind-bending journey through a brutal near future spiked with the anguished hope of new love. Inscrutable in its origin, the novel left me asking these questions: Did I just read a history that had yet to occur?  And do we have a single, unavoidable destiny? 

Like Atlas, the protagonist bears the weight of the world on her shoulders.  Her Odyssean trek to find love in a loveless world is an ode to the human spirit tested against the repercussions of our limitless mistakes.  Mistakes, the tale argues, that cannot be redressed.  The prose is lyrical, with each word honed and fitted with obsessive care.  It’s a book that I could read again for the subtleties I’m sure I missed. Cinematic in vision, epic in scope, BAMBOO has all the elements of a feature film, and could make a compelling limited series.

Author site: ClarkHilton.com

Genres: Science Fiction / Climate Fiction / Post-Apocalyptic / Dystopian