Featured Review: 2 WEEKS 2 UTOPIA


2 Weeks 2 Utopia - Let's Mend the World in 14 Days!

2 Weeks 2 Utopia – Let’s Mend the World in 14 Days! by Felicia Fairhope. This book is a blend of stark climate facts and practical sustainable living advice that breaks the spell of climate anxiety. Fairhope argues that we can, in fact, mend our world in fourteen days. Then she offers clear, doable steps for the reader to take at home, at work, and while shopping. 

Unlike most climate action writers, Fairhope is neither a climate scientist nor environmental activist – and this is to the reader’s benefit. Her layperson’s perspective brushes the peaks of the technical, then homes in on the practical.

More than a handbook, this lightweight 120-page volume speaks to our fears for the fate of our planet, yet leaves us with great hope. The author pauses at each chapter with thoughts, art, and poetry to remind us of why we care about our environment.

The tone is urgent, but not strident, focusing on small actions and good habits, rather than merely stirring climate anxiety and leaving the work to governments, corporations, and charities. After reading the book, I felt I really could make a difference right at home by changing a few habits.

Presented as a positive how-to book for the climate-fretful to take charge of their fears and their futures, 2 Weeks 2 Utopia supplies a sturdy scaffold for a compelling documentary film or the seed of a miniseries.

Author site: FeliciaFairhope.com

Genres: Non-Fiction / Green Lifestyle / Global Warming & Climate Change